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Doing Business in Canada

The progressive global liberalization of international trade and investment has generated new opportunities to expand business activities across national borders. Doing Business in Canada provides a general overview of key legal aspects of the Canadian business environment. It has been prepared to assist anyone who is considering establishing or acquiring a business in Canada. 

Introduction                                About Canada    

Learn about Aboriginal law.

Aboriginal Law

Treaty Rights; Definitions; Consultation Agreements; Recent Legislative Amendments

Learn about Competition law

Competition Law

Merger Notification & Review; Advance Ruling Certificates and No-Action Letters; Filing Fees; Substantive Merger Review; Possible Merger Remedies; Criminal Offenses; Reviewable Trade Practices; Civil Actions 

Learn about Consumer Protection


Types of Consumer Agreements; Gift Cards; Disclosure Requirements; Cost of Credit Disclosure; Prepayment; Default Charges; Unfair Practices; Unsolicited Goods & Services; Consumer Sales Warranties; Offences & Penalties

Learn about Construction


Contracts; Standard Forms; Change Orders & Directives; Payment; Lien Legislation; Builder & Project Licences; Healthy & Safety Legislation

Learn about Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Canadian Courts; Discovery; Costs; Class Actions; Limitation Periods; Other Things You Should Know 

Learn about Employment law

Employment Law

No At-Will Employment; Legislation: Employment Standards, Pay Equity, Human Rights, Occupational Health & Safety and Workplace Safety & Insurance; The Unionized Workplace; Privacy; Working in Canada 

Learn about Financing a Business Operation in Canada

Financing a Business Operation in Canada

Canadian Banking System; External Debt Financing 

Learn about Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment

ICA (Application, Review and Notification); Review v. Notification; New Notification Thresholds; Cultural Businesses; Cultural Heritage/National Identity; Net Benefit Test; Review on National Security Grounds; Investment by SOEs

Learn about Forms of Business Organization

Forms of Business Organization

Branch Plant Organization; Sole Proprietorship; Canadian Corporation with Share Capital; Partnerships; Co-operatives; Joint Ventures; Business & Income Trusts; Distributorships; Licensing & Franchise Agreements; Financial Reporting Standards

Learn about Government Relations

Government Relations

Government Policy in Canada; Codes of Conduct; Government Solicitation of the Private Sector; Private Sector Solicitation of Government; Donations

Learn about Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Trademarks; Copyright; Patents; Industrial Designs; French Language Considerations; Trade Secrets; Domain Names

Learn about Privacy law

Privacy Law

Canadian Privacy Legislation; Provincial Legislation; Canada's Privacy Legislation Compared to Other Jurisdictions; Anti-Spam Legislation

Learn about Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships; P3s in Canada; Federal & Provincial P3 Projects

Learn about Real Estate

Real Estate

Investment Vehicles; Environmental Assessments; Acquisitions; Brokers; Mortgage Brokers; Financing; Taxation; Leasing; Use & Development; Proceeds of Crime

Learn about Restructuring and Insolvency

Restructuring and Insolvency

Reorganization; Secured Creditor Enforcement; Bankruptcy; Reviewable Transactions; Foreign Recognition

Learn about Securities and Corporate Finance

Securities and Corporate Finance

Securities Offerings; Disclosure Obligations; Corporate Governance Best Practices; Registrations Requirements; Exemptions (Dealer, Adviser, Mobility, International Dealer, International Adviser); Exempt Market Intermediaries; Registration in Multiple Jurisdictions; Changes to Quebec Regulatory Framework

Learn about Taxation


Income Tax; Harmonized Sales Tax; Provincial Sale Tax; Tax Considerations Regarding Canadian Mergers & Acquisitions